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Concept ID (QCode) = trustindicator:biography, ID (URI) =
Type: cpnat:abstract created: 2019-12-19:00:00+00:00 modified: 2019-12-19:12:00+00:00 retired:
Name(en-GB): biography
Definition(en-GB): Brief journalistic biography. Can include previous employers, education, outside interests, commitments associated with ethics (such as voting, community involvement). According to the Trust Project, biography must include any affiliations that may pose a conflict of interest and how this is handled. A biography's length is not necessarily an indicator of trustworthiness.
Note(en-GB): This vocabulary was created through IPTC's adoption of The Trust Project's Trust Indicators and collaboration with the Journalism Trust Initiative
Broader concept: trustindicator:journalistInfo
Related concept (skos:broader):trustindicator:journalistInfo
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