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Concept ID (QCode) = medtop:20000013, ID (URI) =
Type: cpnat:abstract created: 2009-10-22T02:00:00+00:00 modified: 2010-12-14T21:53:19+00:00 retired:
Name(en-GB): literature
Name(fr): Littérature
Name(de): Literatur
Name(se): Litteratur
Name(ar): ادب
Name(es): Literatura
Definition(se): Uttryck av känslor eller överförande av budskap via skriftspråk.
Definition(de): Das Erzählen einer Geschichte in Schriftform
Definition(es): El relato de una historia a través del lenguaje escrito
Definition(en-GB): The telling of a story through written language
Definition(fr): Le récit d'une histoire à travers le langage écrit
Broader concept: medtop:20000002
Related concept (skos:broader):medtop:20000002
Related concept (skos:exactMatch):subj:01010000
Member of scheme: